Discussions will include the treatment of Indigeneous Americans and Latino Americans, immigration, racial discrimination, mass incarceration and labor exploitation among other relevant topics.

Discussions will include the treatment of Indigenous Americans, chattel slavery, colonization, immigration and housing discrimination among other relevant topics.

Discussions will include the treatment of Indigeneous Americans, chattel slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration and segregation among other relevant topics.

Practices for Engaging and Supporting Youth  – This final webinar will join youth, providers and caregivers, Dr. Isaiah Pickens and guests in discussions that aim toward healing and reconciliation, and providing skills to engage and assist youth in feeling accepted in their own identities. Participants will learn: best practices for creating safe spaces and being active listeners in discussing race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity and sexual orientation, inclusion and equity; how a society that is inclusive and equal benefits us all; and how to assist youth interested in activities that support human rights, racial, cultural, inclusion and equity. This webinar includes a presenter, roundtable discussion and poetry.

Dr. Akin Abioye, A researcher, educator, author, award-winning youth advocate, and expert in the intersection of race and identity politics in the child welfare system.

Christina Parker, an award-winning spoken word artist who has utilized poetry to educate, advocate, and uplift the experiences of others to advance system change.

Creating Effective Programs and Services – Includes an exercise to Incorporate youth voices into programs and services, and a roundtable discussion with providers, caregivers, child welfare and probation on policy and procedures, and overcoming barriers to strengthen program effectiveness with issues of race, equity and inclusion.

• Vida K. Khavar, MA, LMFT – Get REAL California, and Family Builders by Adoption
• Dretona Maddox, RN, PHN, LCSW – Purposely Chosen, Inc.
• Constance Cooper, Assistant Director and Cynthia G. Williams, Supervisor Peer Support/Youth Advocacy – Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services
• Mario Johnson, Division Chief, Office of Equity at Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services

Connecting with Youth Voices – Steps for providers and caregivers to create effective programs that support cultural and racial inclusion and equity.

Presenters: The California Youth connection, a youth led organization that develops leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster Care system through legislative, policy and practice change and the Youth Engagement Project who organize innovative projects and activities designed to engage youth in self-development in the community and to build leadership capacity, are partnering to develop and facilitate a youth panel of eight former or current foster youth to share their lived experiences within the child welfare and or probation system.


Quijai Johnson- A researcher, educator and activist for child welfare reform and racial equity.

Sixto Cancel- The CEO of Think of Us, and recognized by the White House as a “White House Champion of Change”.