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Motivational Interviewing 101: Intro to this Evidence Based Practice

December 12, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 1:30 pm PST

Note: This training is provided by the Catalyst Center 


Do you want to communicate in a way that…

  • Quickly de-escalates tension
  • Helps others effectively process their ambivalence
  • Facilitates effective (re)solutions
  • Fosters alignment of behaviors with core values

What you’ll learn in Training:

This training is an introduction to this evidenced based practice. We will discuss the elements and structure of this model, and why it is so impactful in our work with youth and families. If you are looking toward utilizing Motivational Interviewing for your teams, this is a great place to start. Come and get familiar.

IFIOC’s teaches Motivational Interviewing to fidelity ensuring you are benefiting from the improved measurable outcomes of an Evidence-Based Practice

*Skills you can use right away

We train Motivational Interviewing by starting with your current communication style and build upon your skills to help you utilize these new concepts immediately.

*Differentiating between Compliance and Behavior Change

We distinguish between traditional compliance approaches (which do not produce sustained change) and how to engage in long term behavior change

*Crosswalk MI with Trauma Informed Approaches

We bridge the brain science of trauma with the impact of language on the brain and how that can be a restorative/reparative process

Trainer: Casey Jackson

I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Individual and Organizational Change ( My trainings align with the Evidence-Based Practice implementation of MI (, and range from brief overview trainings through coaching to measurable competency and cultural shift in organizations.  I am the lead author of the Motivational Interviewing Competency Assessment (MICA) for coding and coaching individual practitioners.  My clinical work launched in 1987 as a case manager/therapist in child welfare/treatment foster care and in a sexually aggressive/reactive youth treatment program. I have worked as an outpatient therapist with substance use disorder adolescents and their families, and as a SUD/MH treatment provider for adult inmates in both state and federal prisons. From 1997 through 2011, I worked for the Washington Institute for Mental Health Research and Training through Washington State University, as the Director of Training and Technical Assistance, as well as a primary consultant to the Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery headquarters. I have been training on Motivational Interviewing since 2002, and have been part of MINT since completing the training with Bill Miller and Terri Moyers in 2008, and completed my MI trainer certification process when it was first offered. Over the years I have provided over 3000 trainings nationally and internationally to individual agencies and government organizations including healthcare, mental health, substance use disorder treatment, child and family services, law enforcement, corrections, employment services, state departments of Social and Health Services, juvenile justice, homeless outreach and shelters, and schools/universities. 


  1. Recognize Stages of Change to assess readiness for change
  2. Identify how Equipoise affects the MI process
  3. Demonstrate how reflective statements can express empathy
  4. Begin to recognize Resistance Talk, Sustain Talk, and Change Talk