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CalTrin is excited to reveal our annual Top 10s list!* From our highest attended trainings to the most watched replays and most read blog posts, discover the favorites among child- and family-serving professionals in 2023. All of CalTrin’s trainings and resources are designed to advance child abuse prevention, family strengthening, and professional development in California and beyond. We invite you to use them in your work with families as well as share them with your colleagues!

Top 10 Trainings Attended

CalTrin training is organized around four domains: Direct Service Delivery Skills, Evidence-Based/Evidence-Informed Service Delivery, Management & Leadership Development, and Trauma-Informed Systems. The following CalTrin-hosted webinars and workshops were our highest attended in 2023:

The eight-part Child, Family, and Community Well-Being Learning Series was our most attended training series of 2023. This learning forum series was presented from February – November 2023 in collaboration with Casey Family Programs and Implematix.

Top 10 Training Replays Watched

Whenever possible, we record our training events so that you can fit them into your schedule and share them with your team. The following training replays were the most watched in 2023:

Top 10 Blog Posts

Our blog delivers insights and updates from around the CalTrin community, with an emphasis on curated resource collections for topics within CalTrin’s four domains. The following blog posts were the most read in 2023: 

And last but not least, the #1 Self-Paced Course in 2023 was Trauma, Parenting, and Challenging Behaviors (Adolescent)!

Extend Your Learning with CalTrin!

Interested in diving deeper into any of the above topics? Explore available recordings and materials from prior CalTrin webinars and workshops in our Training Archive. (Note: You will need to log in to your CalTrin account to access select training materials. You can create a free account here.) For live learning opportunities, check out CalTrin’s Training Calendar. All webinars and workshops are offered at no cost to learners!


*All trainings, replays, and blog posts listed above were hosted/produced/updated between January 1 to December 31, 2023.