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Tuolumne County’s CPP demonstrates a commitment to elevating the voices of those with lived expertise. The County is developing a process to include community members with lived expertise in stakeholder groups and the Tuolumne Resilience Coalition (the CPP Planning body). Tuolumne County took a unique approach to the service array assessment and mapped resources based on prevention level (primary, secondary, or tertiary), which led to creation of a community resource guide to support the implementation of a community pathway.

Tuolumne County has selected two evidence-based practices (EBPs) for implementation, Motivational Interviewing as a cross-cutting approach and Parents As Teachers. As a small rural county, Tuolumne County selected Motivational Interviewing for its adaptability with different populations and across disciplines.   Tuolumne County Public Health was awarded a grant through the California Home Visiting Program and chose to deliver Parents As Teachers. The selection of Parents As Teachers as the second EBP for implementation highlights the strength of the cross-collaborative work within Tuolumne County and the willingness to leverage resources for long-term sustainability.

Tuolumne County has also provided an in-depth logic model which can be used as a model for other counties. This logic model clearly identifies the target population, lists the activities needed to achieve both short and long-term goals, and the overall impact. Tuolumne County’s CPP lays the foundation to build a comprehensive system of services starting with prevention. Read the Tuolumne Comprehensive Prevention Plan and Local Spending Plan.