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Orange County has a well-designed governance structure that is inclusive of several teams that are involved in the development, implementation, and oversight of the comprehensive prevention plan. Additionally, Orange County’s alignment with ICPM behaviors and strategies is clearly articulated and will support engagement and ongoing implementation. Orange County is committed to serving American Indian/Native American (AI/AN) children and families and is prepared to work with community providers to ensure culturally responsive services are available. Orange County has selected the following evidence-based practices: Healthy Families America, Parents As Teachers, and Nurse Family Partnership.  Additionally, Orange County is reserving State Block Funds for the implementation of culturally responsive services.   

Orange County CBOs, FRCs, and County staff are motivated to work with Social Services and Probation to co-create a community pathway. These organizations are prepared to provide prevention services and most importantly will find ways to elevate the importance of engaging in prevention service and disseminate information widely.  Orange County has an established history of prevention networks and services and will continue to grow partnerships and expand services county-wide. Read the Orange Comprehensive Prevention Plan and Addendum, Amended Appendix G Evidence Based Services, and Local Spending Plan.