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The Resilient Lake County worked to solidify their intentions in leading a collaborative approach to the development of a comprehensive prevention plan (CPP) that expanded outreach efforts to increase partnerships and reach community families, stakeholders, and caregivers. Lake County desired outcomes includes decreasing entries and reentries into foster care, decreasing the rate of substantiated referrals to child welfare, decreasing referrals to Child Protective Services, increasing the number of parents that have access to prevention services, and reducing the disproportionality and disparity in investigations and removals. Utilizing data from asset mapping, community engagement sessions, social media campaigns,  and community-wide surveys, Lake County was able to identify community priorities and current gaps in the areas of mental health to assess needs and to develop a responsive prevention plan. Lake County’s intended candidacy population includes parents, parents of children with disabilities, and Native American & Latino parents/families with children. As part of their Theory of Change/Logic Model, Lake County has identified four prevention goals and have included their strategies into actionable steps to provide guidance and support in the implementation of their CPP. Read the Lake Comprehensive Prevention Plan.