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Del Norte

Del Norte County’s capacity assessment, data analysis, and service array findings helped inform their prioritized candidacy population and elected Evidenced Practice (EBP).  Del Norte County intends to prioritize families involved in voluntary/court family maintenance, probation youth, and children whose caregivers experience Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD).  They chose Motivational Interviewing (MI) as their EBP, based upon the population of Del Norte County, the broad range of needs, and the capacity to launch a sustainable prevention service.  The county already utilizes high fidelity Wraparound, Nurse Family Partnership (NFP), and Healthy Families America (HFA).


As a component of the CPP, Del Norte is launching an innovative Youth Opportunity Center for youth aged 12-17. Referrals for the service center will primarily be brought to weekly meetings staffed with partners from Behavioral Health, Probation, Education, and Child Welfare. Referrals will be initiated by outside agencies and community partners such as, but not limited to, Child Welfare Services, Probation, Behavioral Health, and Del Norte County Unified School District.  Using this process, the best secondary and tertiary service options for children and families can be identified and arranged.  Read the Del Norte Comprehensive Prevention Plan View the addendum.