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We invite you to reimagine prevention and how we can support and promote child and family well-being. The Reimagining Prevention initiative consists of webinars, workshops, and technical assistance events hosted by the initiative’s partner agencies that will help communities prepare for Comprehensive Prevention Plan development by providing guidance and information on the planning and implementation process. 

The initiative kicked off with a series of foundational webinars focused on implementing prevention and family-strengthening initiatives and approaches across all disciplines and levels, from direct service caseworkers and providers to leaders. Missed a session? No worries! Access recordings, training materials, and resources from past sessions online here. Titles include:

  • Equity and Community Voice as the Foundation
  • Structural Well-Being
  • The Roadmap to Comprehensive Prevention Planning
  • Exploring a Prevention Mindset (check out the related self-paced course)
  • The Roadmap to Comprehensive Prevention Planning: Follow-Up Q&A Session
  • Leading Through Change
  • The Collective Impact Community Engagement Toolkit
  • Cultivating Commitment

View the most recent updates and resources from the Reimagining Prevention initiative online here.

Comprehensive Prevention Planning Background

The Reimagining Prevention initiative is focused on Comprehensive Prevention Planning, fostering a prevention mindset and moving prevention upstream, managing organizational and systemic change, and community engagement that fosters innovative, collaborative prevention efforts across all systems. Along with the Federal Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), the enactment of Assembly Bill 153 furthers California’s commitment to providing a continuum of prevention services that begins with primary prevention (services for any child, youth, or adult regardless of risk of maltreatment). Comprehensive Prevention Planning is a cross-sector approach to developing a prevention continuum that not only requires collaboration but also the transformation of systems to be equitable, inclusive, and culturally representative of communities and those with lived experiences. Comprehensive Prevention Planning is an opportunity to build capacity, link with others through a shared agenda, leverage funding and resources to build protective factors, and elevate services for communities. View a collection of Reimagining Prevention resources online here

Reimagining Prevention is a partnership of California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Safety, Prevention, and Early Intervention Branch, CDSS Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP), CalTrin, and Strategies Technical Assistance.

*Last updated April 10, 2023