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Ventura County’s blueprint for wellness, based on the Integrated Core Practice Model, features a place-based approach. Through alignment and integration of public system and community providers, wellness activities are prioritized in communities that: (1) have been overrepresented in public systems (particularly Latinx and indigenous/immigrant families who are the most prevalent in our county’s target areas); (2) experience rates of poverty (associated with child neglect) significantly over the state average; and (3) are home to a significant number of underserved young children who are under five years old. By leveraging requirements of AB 2083 and the Comprehensive Prevention Plan, Ventura County partners will move upstream to support wellness for healthy families and strong communities. The Wellness System Collaborative, which includes public and private partners, youth, and parents, will co-design, co-implement, and co-lead the Ventura County Community Pathway, which will build on existing infrastructure. Essential components include the VC Community Pathway (“Every Right Door”); a neighborhood approach to providing services; an equity imperative; services that address early childhood critical windows (including use of the EBPs Nurse Family Partnership and Parents as Teachers) as well as the needs of older youth and families (including Family Check-Up and Motivational Interviewing EBPs); and a guaranteed income pilot. Read the Ventura Comprehensive Prevention Plan.