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As part of their vision and theory of change, Sutter’s goal aligns with CA’s vision of reducing out-of-home placement and entry into Child Welfare and Juvenile Probation by improving children, youths, and families’ behavioral and emotional functioning.  Sutter uses the Interagency System of Care for Children, Youth and Family Services (AB2083) Memorandum of Understanding governed by the Family Intervention Team to ensure cross-sector collaboration in their CPP called the Interagency Leadership Team (ILT). Sutter’s CPP does a thorough job of identifying their asset and needs from their data sources and provides an in-depth analysis and recommendation based on the results. Based on data from County Self Assessment (CSA), California Child Welfare Indicators Project (CCWIP), and various sources, Sutter County candidacy will focus on children, youth, and families aged up to 17 years with intense emotional and behavioral health needs, as well as prioritizing children, youth and families without active involvement with Child Welfare and/or Juvenile Probation, and those at risk of out of home placement and/or placement disruptions. Sutter County prevention efforts include an expansion of High-Fidelity WrapAround, Differential Response and other upstream prevention services to better support families. Sutter’s goal is to improve access to intensive mental health and behavioral health services in-home to reduce the need for child welfare involvement and/or out of home placements. Read the Sutter Comprehensive Prevention Plan.