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Sonoma County has engaged in a collective planning effort to ensure child abuse prevention does not fall upon one agency alone but is a community responsibility involving a coalition of residents, organizations and service providers across the county. Through listening closely to the voices of the community, exploring data, and facilitating dialogue with cross sector partners, Sonoma and their Prevention Planning Leadership Team developed a Comprehensive Prevention Plan (CPP) that hopes to create and sustain an equitable prevention system that promotes equitable decision-making, interventions and opportunities for the diverse array of families across their community. Sonoma’s vision for prevention is for all Sonoma County children and families to have equitable access to timely, integrated supports that ensure they thrive in safe, responsive, and caring communities where they live, learn, work and play. As part of their needs assessment, Sonoma utilized research from Indigo Team (third party survey) to perform a comprehensive review of existing reports, data and evaluations to highlight key needs of Sonoma families. In doing so, Sonoma concluded in their gap analysis that they needed to invest in addressing basic needs, expand trauma-informed services to meet demand, make it easier for families to get support, strengthen culturally relevant services and supports, build parenting capacity, and create more prevention partners. As part of their prevention efforts, Sonoma utilized the State block grant one time funding for consultant and direct staff services, prevention planning and to create a new dedicated position to oversee final stages of development and implementation of Sonoma County CPP for ongoing engagement and outreach, especially with tribal partners. Sonoma also developed a pilot program for a Functional Family Therapy Model, utilizing Motivational Interviewing as part of their Evidence Based Practice (EBP) selection to provide wraparound services to youth and families that are part of the candidate population. Read the Sonoma Comprehensive Prevention Plan