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Sacramento plans to prioritize Black/African American children ages 0-5 and their families within six zip codes. Their governance structure includes the existing Sacramento County Prevention Cabinet, the newly formed Executive Sponsor Committee, and the Family First Services (FFS) implementation team and planning team. Between these teams Sacramento County has included all the required partners, and some additional recommended partners. Sacramento County engaged the Wilton Rancheria Tribe, which is Sacramento’s only federally recognized Tribe, and identified three additional non-federally recognized Tribes they plan to include in implementation. Sacramento plans to implement primary and secondary prevention programs including a guaranteed basic income pilot program, child care capacity building, concrete supports, and assisting families in navigating services. Probation is planning to use their state block grant to fund a high fidelity wrap around program, and hired two community intervention officers to provide linkages to prevention and early intervention services for youth and families involved in the Juvenile Justice system. Read the Sacramento Comprehensive Prevention Plan.