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Placer County was one of the first California communities to create an integrated health and human services agency, aiming to provide more unified and holistic services to customers. Placer County maintains strong partnerships with community-based organizations and service providers through the Systems of Management, Advocacy and Resource Team (SMART) and SMART Policy Executive Advisory Committee (SPEAC) collaboratives and the Campaign for Community Wellness (CCW) as well as the Placer Collaborative Network (PCN). As a result of this enduring cross-collaborative work and extensive asset mapping, Placer County’s plan will provide services and supports to all candidacy groups with a phased-in approach. Phase One target populations/services include: broadening the service array for families disproportionately impacted by poverty and child welfare involvement; expanding the continuum of mental health and substance use disorder services; expanding the continuum of services for families with children under 5; and expanding the availability of in-home and school and community-based prevention & intervention services. Placer County intends to utilize State Block Grant funds to implement and expand the following EBPs that are included in the California Prevention Plan: Functional Family Therapy, Homebuilders, Motivational Interviewing, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Parents as Teachers, as well as Youth Villages Intercept. Read the Placer Comprehensive Prevention Plan.