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Mariposa County envisions a landscape where Children and Families receive the necessary support within Mariposa County well before the need for involvement with Child Welfare arises. The county’s aspiration lies in delivering comprehensive and culturally sensitive assistance to foster the flourishing of children and families. Mariposa’s strategy involves establishing a multi-tiered support system, ensuring that families and service providers are well-acquainted with accessible resources. Notably, the county has incorporated representatives from Tribal organizations, specifically the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation and the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, onto the Interagency Leadership Team. This move signifies Mariposa’s commitment to integrating cultural perspectives into the design of prevention services. Through this process, Mariposa County has developed a robust framework for involving Tribes in determining culturally fitting prevention services. The county has also chosen to implement a community pathway, and chosen Parents As Teachers, Family Spirit, and Motivational Interviewing for their Evidence-Based Practices. Read the Mariposa Comprehensive Prevention Plan.