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Los Angeles

Los Angeles County has devised a Comprehensive Prevention Plan (CPP) that prioritizes the equitable and accessible distribution of support services, promoting inclusivity and combating racism. Out of ten well-supported practices, Los Angeles has selected seven, including PCIT, PAT, FFT, MST, NFP, HFA, and MI, as cross-cutting techniques to be implemented. The CPP includes a thorough data analysis to support the selection of appropriate practices for specific populations. LA County intends to uphold its comprehensive range of prevention services, incorporating feedback from multiple task forces dedicated to prevention efforts. They also aim to develop a shared set of outcome metrics based on an equity framework and establish an integrated vision for prevention encompassing children and families, aging adults, justice and safety, and homeless populations. LA County’s vision for prevention, as outlined in the CPP, extends beyond the scope of children and families, emphasizing community well-being. Recognizing that addressing the unmet needs of aging adults, homeless individuals, and families on a broader scale contributes to community well-being, the county acknowledges that this, in turn, positively impacts children and families. Read the Los Angeles Comprehensive Prevention Planand Addendum.