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Contra Costa

As part of their vision, Contra Costa is committed to providing prevention and intervention services that strengthen families, enable children to remain safely in their home in a stable and nurturing environment, and positively impact parents, children and caregivers in the community. For their Comprehensive Prevention Plan (CPP), Contra Costa opted to utilize the optional CDSS CPP Template and Spending plan. Various and extensive data sources were used in gathering and reviewing of information to assess for needs and candidacy population, which determined a higher level of need in the East County, specifically with Black/African American populations, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and those with lower income. Contra Costa will be utilizing Motivational Interviewing as their fundamental EBP, along with Protective Factors Framework from the Strengthening Families Program for its strategies to support their prevention services and engagement with families. Recommendations from community assessments for prevention services included increasing the resources and accessibility of services, increasing behavioral health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services, increasing awareness of school-based services, and strengthening the safety net of supportive services that are critical to establishing stability and safety for individuals and families. Read the Contra Costa Comprehensive Prevention Plan.