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May Title IV-E agencies use FFTA and/or SBG funds to compensate Tribes for cross-collaboration participation and coordination?

Yes. Family First Transition Act (FFTA) and FFPS SBG can be used to support participation of Tribes in the cross-sector collaboration process, such as participation in planning activities and ongoing CQI activities.

As outlined in CFL No. 20-21-91 (Page three), FFTA Grant funding can be used to engage in prevention and/or early intervention planning and planning activities will be captured using the FFTA administration and planning PROGRAM CODE (PC) 7981. As stated in ACL 21-47 (April 20, 2021) (Page four), it is required that counties use at least 50 percent of the Transition Grant funding to engage in prevention and/or early intervention planning, expand capacity for EBPs, and evaluation of activities directly related to the implementation of FFPSA Part I and/or allowable purposes under Title IV-B. Engaging and supporting Tribes’ participation in the development of the CPP falls within these activities and will count toward that 50 percent.

CFL No. 21-22-110 (Page eleven), provides PROGRAM CODE (PC) 1018 to capture costs associated with the FFPS SBG eligible administrative activities related to the development and implementation of comprehensive prevention services, including cross sector collaboration with Tribes for selection and development of services under the CPP. ACL NO. 22-23 (Page nine) states that engaging Tribes in cross sector collaboration is a required component of the CPP and that comprehensive prevention planning is an allowable SBG expenditure.