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Rapid Response Team: A Victor Community Support Services and Nevada County Child Welfare Services Collaboration



This training was presented on
October 26, 2023





The Rapid Response Team collaborates directly with Nevada County Child Welfare to offer preventative and early intervention services to ensure that families stabilize, mitigate safety concerns, can meet their needs, and remain intact and kept from further involvement with the Child Welfare System. This webinar will provide information on how Rapid Response was created, the services it offers to families, how Nevada County Child Welfare and Victor Community Support Services collaborate, the program’s greatest successes supported by data, as well as how Nevada County funds this essential service. Preliminary data strongly suggests that Rapid Response Team decreases detentions, decreases the likelihood of a subsequent investigation, and, if there is a subsequent investigation, decreases the likelihood of substantiated abuse. 


Learners will:

  • Learn about the structure and services of the Rapid Response program
  • Review the data-supported benefits of the Rapid Response program 
  • Gain specific strategies to implement Rapid Response principles and practices into county systems


Who should attend:

All staff of family resource center (FRCs), child abuse prevention councils (CAPCs), community-based organizations, and other child- and family-serving systems.



  • This is a webinar-style training. This means that you will not be on camera and will not be able to see other learners. This training will not include breakout rooms. Opportunities to interact with the presenter(s) and other participants will be included.
  • This training will be recorded. The recording will be available to registered learners within 2 days of the training.
  • By registering for a CalTrin training, you consent to be added to the CalTrin mailing list.





Mimi Greminger started working with Nevada County Child Welfare Services in 2019. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and started her career working with Severely Emotionally Disturbed children in a school setting. She worked as a Child Welfare social worker in Butte County for over 20 years. She has experience as an ongoing social worker, IR/ER investigator, family law investigator, and court presenter, and moved into the role of supervisor in 2012. Mimi currently supervises Intake, Emergency Response, and Resource Family Approval. 




Child Welfare Emergency Response/
RFA Supervisor

Teri has served in multiple roles in Nevada County Social Services since 2013, including eligibility worker, ongoing social worker, court worker, IR/ER investigator, and family law investigator. Early in her career, she worked as an educational therapist in Southern California. Teri has experience as a foster/adopt parent, bringing a unique perspective to her work. She has extensive experience navigating multiple systems including mental health, education, and the court system advocating for children. Teri holds a degree in Psychology and has completed graduate work in Education.



Child Welfare Emergency Response
Social Worker

Mariah Funk brings extensive expertise in transitional age youth and behavioral interventions to her work as Community Support Services Supervisor at Victor CSS. She was previously the Community Engagement Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters where she built the Bigs with Badges Program to bridge the gap between youth and local law enforcement. In addition, she was the Assistant Residential Facilities Manager at a short-term residential therapeutic program where she trained support staff, oversaw daily management of the boys’ household, and provided crisis intervention. Mariah has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.




Community Services Supervisor,
Victor Community Support Services

Jackie Herring began her work with Victor Community Support Services as a Facilitator in the Wraparound Program and then moved to the Rapid Response Team. Jackie has worked with children and families for over thirty years.  Her professional experience includes working in the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault, parent education, special education, and in a therapeutic center for children of abuse.  Jackie has a master’s degree in child development and an undergraduate degree specializing in child mental health.  



Victor Rapid Response Facilitator