Be Well. Do Well. Stay Awhile: A Practical Approach to Workplace Resiliency 





This training was presented on
May 8, 2024







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Human services organizations are in an unprecedented time of burnout, turnover, and challenges in recruiting and retaining staff at every level. To support workforce resilience, the Kempe Center developed an evidence-informed framework and strategies to build a positive work culture that helps to retain an engaged workforce. This organizational intervention was designed to impact the three drivers of workforce resilience: leadership, workplace culture, and simple behaviors individual staff can practice to support their personal resilience. 

To foster resilience, we must first create the conditions in which resilience can occur. Leadership is ultimately responsible for creating these conditions. Our intervention supports the leadership team to develop the vision, commitment, communication, and planning that allows organizations to move resilience training from well-being programs to longer-term initiatives that define and build the cultures we need in our organizations for resilience to persist. This is just what is needed now, and as we move our workplaces forward towards being organizations where people want to work.




Learners will:

  • Be able to list five practices that can change the neuropathways of the brain to rewire the brain towards greater positivity and resilience. 
  • Identify and make plans to practice one personal and one work-related practice known to increase resilience.
  • Understand how psychological safety is the foundation for an effective work culture. 
  • See organizational culture as a complicated blend of values, assumptions, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and customs.


Who Should Attend: All staff of family resource center (FRCs), Child Abuse Prevention Councils (CAPCs), community-based organizations, and other child- and family-serving systems. 


Important Training Information: 

  • This is an interactive training. Please be prepared to participate in activities such as group discussion, break out rooms, and/or demonstration. Your training experience will be best with the use of a web cam, audio, and a training environment conducive to active participation.
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Dan Comer has more than forty years of experience in the human services field and was one of the creators of the Principles of Partnership. Over the last three decades, Dan has traveled the country delivering training and coaching to human service staff on implementing Alternative/Differential Response, change management, leadership, resiliency, and best practices in family engagement. 

He has served as a clinical instructor within the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina. He has worked previously with Appalachian State University, Barium Springs Training Group, and American Humane Association. Dan has formal training in solution-focused practice, coaching, leadership, and facilitation skills. He has completed coach training through the Co-Active Training Institute and ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching). In 2016, Dan joined the faculty at the Kempe Center as a learning and development specialist and leadership coach. As the Workforce Manager for the Colorado Child Welfare Training System within Kempe, he is responsible for curricula development, training facilitation, and coaching services as part of the Coaching and Learning and Development teams. 



Workforce Manager,
The Kempe Center, Denver, CO