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Implementation of Brief Strategic Family Therapy



This training was presented on
April 27, 2023




This brief introduction will describe the BSFT® model as a systemic therapy designed to restructure maladaptive family interactions underlying the problems of delinquent, drug using youth. The presentation will cover the theoretical foundation for the BSFT® model as well as the process of the intervention to orchestrate deep structural change in family functioning. A unique dimension: BSFT® specialized engagement, a series of techniques to ensure whole families are invited and attend each family session will also be covered. Recognizing the inherent resistance to change in all systems, the BSFT® model does not require motivation for families to attend. Instead, it uses therapeutic engagement strategies to ensure their attendance and retention in family therapy.


Learners will be able to:

  • Learn BSFT® Specialized Engagement techniques to overcome inherent family system resistance to attending BSFT® sessions
  • Learn clinical strategies to restructure maladaptive family relationships
  • Learn the process of implementing the BSFT® model in community agencies


Who should attend: County Prevention Teams and cross-sector partners, including staff of child welfare agencies, behavioral health agencies, probation, Child Abuse Prevention Councils, community-based service providers, family resource centers, Offices of Education, tribal partners, and parents/youth leaders with lived experience.



  • This is an interactive training. Please be prepared to participate in activities such as group discussion, break out rooms, and/or demonstration. Your training experience will be best with the use of a web cam, audio, and a training environment conducive to active participation.
  • This training will be recorded. The recording will be available to registered learners within 2 days of the training.
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Dr. Joan Muir is a Licensed Psychologist. She received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University, completed her internship at Yale University School of Medicine and post-doctoral fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Muir began her career at the University of Miami School of Medicine developing new psychotherapies for drug using youth. For the last fifteen years, she has been the Executive Director of the Brief Strategic Family Therapy® (BSFT®) Institute. The BSFT model is an Evidence Based Model for families of drug using, delinquent youth. Dr. Muir developed the implementation program to disseminate the model in community agencies. Under her leadership, BSFT programs expanded to major cities in the USA and Europe, such as New York, Philadelphia, and Stockholm, as well as many suburban and rural counties.

Dr. Muir’s community service leadership roles include National Secretary of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) as well as Past President of the South Florida Chapter. Her passion is to keep families strong, engage fathers in therapy, resolve relationship conflict, and support work/life balance particularly for women in executive leadership roles. Dr. Muir has a thriving private practice in South Florida and also consults with organizations across the United States and in other countries.




Executive Director,
Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute

Luciana Wimbish is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor practiced in counseling, prevention, and use of evidence-based interventions, with extensive work experience in Community Mental Health Systems. She has overseen several federal and state-funded projects including the implementation of evidence-based interventions in the community to strengthen protective and positive health behaviors with at-risk youth and families. Luciana became a Brief Strategic Family therapist in 2014 and was subsequently selected to lead her team as the BSFT On-Site Supervisor. In 2017, Luciana became a Model Manager at the Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) Institute, University Miami. Today, Luciana is a Social Services Director at the BSFT Institute and manages a portfolio of local and international programs implementing the BSFT Model.




Director, Social Services,
Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute