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MAY 21, 2021


Training Materials:

*Training certificates are only available following live trainings or completion of self-paced courses. A certificate will not be provided for review of these materials.

Implicit Bias Mitigation Workshop

This interactive online workshop for leaders will discuss how organizations can address implicit bias using a three-step model: assessment, awareness, and taking action. Rev. Dr. Bryant T. Marks, Sr., will build on the content presented in The Hidden Biases of Good People.

Implicit Bias Mitigation will cover:

  1. Homework assignments from The Hidden Biases of Good People
  2. Review and discussion of implicit bias in the employee life cycle: hiring, talent development, promotion, and exit
  3. Three-step model for addressing implicit bias in organizations: assessment, awareness, taking action
  4. The three components of a bias management action plan: transparency, objective standards, and accountability
    1. The potential impact of implicit bias on performance evaluations, team dynamics, and decision making in the workplace
  5. Small working group discussions regarding potential implementation of several practices/policies that are expected to reduce bias at the personal and organizational levels. This dialogue will include:
    1. Identifying recommendations that are already being implemented as well as the challenges, lessons learned, and impact of each implemented recommendation
    2. Selecting 2-3 new recommendations that can be implemented in the short-term
    3. Identifying challenges and solutions to implementing the new 2-3 recommendations
    4. Creating a list of concrete next steps toward implementation of recommendations
  6. An overview of follow-up activities and materials that will reinforce workshop information and increase the likelihood of long-term impact

Webinar Pre-work

Implicit  Associations Test


  • Go to this website:
  • At the very bottom of the page, to the left – select “Take A Test.”
  • On the “Preliminary Information” page, at the bottom, select “I wish to proceed.”
  • When provided with the list of tests, please select the Gender-Career IAT.
  • If you do not see your selected test, refresh the page.
  • Print the results page or save the results page as a pdf or screenshot, and have it available for this workshop.
  • We will use polling software that will allow attendees to anonymously submit their results; participants will not have to submit their results page.
  • We will discuss the group’s results as a whole.


Reverend Dr. Bryant T. Marks, Sr. is a minister, researcher, trainer, award-winning educator, and former member of the Obama Administration. He is the Founder and Chief Equity Officer of the National Training Institute on Race and Equity and a tenured professor of Psychology at Morehouse College.

Dr. Marks holds a B.A. in psychology and a minor in economics from Morehouse College, and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan. He conducts research and professional development in the areas of diversity and implicit bias, Black male psychology and development, and personal passion and productivity. Dr. Marks is married to Dr. Kimberly Marks and father to Kim, Zion-Trinity, and Bryant II.


 Bryant Marks, MA, PhD

Founder & Chief Equity Officer

National Training Institute on Race and Equity