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Responding to Prenatal Alcohol and Other Substance Exposures Webinar Series

Prenatal substance exposure can cause behavioral, developmental, and physical challenges that last a lifetime. When children are recognized as having fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)—or other adverse effects from in-utero substance exposure—they are more likely to access needed interventions and supports.

The Children’s Bureau and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are supporting research on how the child welfare system can better identify and serve families affected by prenatal substance exposure, including exposure to alcohol. JBA and CWLA are pleased to announce a three-part webinar series building on recent efforts.

The Responding to Prenatal Alcohol and Other Substance Exposures webinar series will share information from a special double issue of the journal Child Welfare, including how agencies can partner to help families recognize potential impacts, pursue assessment and diagnoses, and access supportive services. Speakers include journal authors, practitioners, and others with lived experience who will answer audience questions and help advance the conversation from research to practice.