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Yolo County’s extensive capacity assessment, data analysis, and service array findings helped informed their prioritized candidacy population and elected Evidenced Based Practices (EBPs). Yolo County plans to prioritize African American families and families with children between the ages of 0-5 who reside in West Sacramento. They selected Health Families America (HFA) and Family Check-Up (FCU) as their EBPs. Yolo County intends to work closely with the Yolo County Children’s Alliance’s West Sacramento Family Resource Center (YCCA’s WSFRC) to ensure coordination and alignment with the selected EBPs. By coordinating with the YCCA’s WSFRC, families will receive information that best meets their needs for necessities, including food, housing, medical care, and supplies, as well as information leading to broader cultural support and recreation opportunities for families. In addition to closely working with YCCA’s WSFRC, Yolo County provided a thorough service array chart with all their prevention services. Yolo County currently has twenty-eight primary prevention services, twenty-one secondary services, and forty-one tertiary services.  Read the Yolo Comprehensive Prevention Plan