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Siskiyou County has provided an in-depth CPP that includes detailed asset mapping and cross sector collaborative process’ to select the Title IV-E eligible EBPs of Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Healthy Families America, Motivational Interviewing, Multisystemic Therapy, Parents as Teachers.
The candidacy population is identified as children living in poverty, expectant and parenting youth in foster care, families experiencing substance use disorder challenges, families experiencing domestic violence challenges, families in need of post-permanency support services and teenagers experiencing substance use disorder challenges. Siskiyou County’s relationship with, consideration for and voice given to the Karuk Tribe (Title IV-E) and Quartz Valley Indian Reservation in this CPP stood out and is commendable. Siskiyou County included a specific goal to “work to protect the bond between the Karuk Tribe and its children and culture thereby promoting the security and stability of the Tribe and Karuk families:” These intentional efforts and commitments are important to prevention goals.  Read the Siskiyou Comprehensive Prevention Plan