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What is a local Comprehensive Prevention Plan (CPP) and what are the components, requirements and format needed for the CPP?

A local CPP is the plan developed by county child welfare and/or probation agencies which describes the services that the county will provide to address a continuum of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, intervention strategies and services.

The CPP must include Title IV-E prevention service(s) under the FFPS Program outlined in WIC§16585 through 16589. The CPP should also describe how the services will support the ability of parents and families to provide safe, stable, and nurturing environments for their children to help children remain at home and reduce foster care placements. ACL 22-23 provides a list of the components and requirements for the CPP, consistent with state and federal law. Counties are required to complete a needs assessment and asset mapping to determine the services to be included in their plan. Additionally, CDSS is providing child welfare and probation agencies with support during the development and implementation of their CPP, including a Comprehensive Prevention Planning Toolkit that will further support the development of the CPP.