December 9, 2021

2PM-3:30PM PST




Trauma, Parenting, and Challenging Behaviors (Adolescent)


We will explore the impact of trauma on adolescents and discuss strategies for supporting caregivers in understanding and responding to challenging behaviors and trauma reactions.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the impact of trauma on adolescents.
  • Identify strategies to support caregivers in addressing challenging behaviors and trauma reactions.

Who should attend: Family support workers working with parents of adolescents.

Read the Understanding Traumatic Stress in Adolescents Fact Sheet, National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) (11 pages)

Melissa Bernstein, PhD

Rady Children’s Hospital- San Diego

In her role at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, Melissa Bernstein, PhD, directs the Advancing California’s Trauma-Informed Systems (ACTS) and Trauma-Informed Licensing Team (TILT) Initiatives. Her research centers around supporting systems in planning for, implementing, and sustaining Trauma-Informed change that aligns with best practice and science.