Summer 2021

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Foundations of Coaching

Facilitated by the Butler Institute for Families

Coaching is an essential professional development tool.  Coaching promotes professional development and helps to retain a highly skilled workforce. This series offers an approach to learn coaching fundamentals and begin integrating it into your organization.

Through this virtual, 5-module series, you will:

  • Learn how coaching can transform your organization and workforce.
  • Engage in individual and collaborative learning with other professionals, and with the series facilitators, who are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Gain the foundational knowledge and skills to begin coaching others.

Each module includes:

  • Pre-work (30 min)
  • Virtual Learning Session (120 min)
  • Try-it exercises (30 min)

NOTE: This course is focused on the coaching of staff as a workforce development tool, not coaching of clients or parents.

Important registration information!

  • This course is now full.  If you would like to be added to the later list for future coaching trainings, please contact
  • Due to limited capacity, registration is only open to California staff at this time. Any remaining seats will be made available for general registration on June 3 .
  • Registration will close on June 11 
  • If you are not able to attend all modules and/or training registration is full, please contact CalTrin to be placed on the waitlist

Course Schedule


June  2021

Module 1: Foundations of Coaching

9:00-11:00AM PDT 

Pre-work assigned: 6/21/2021

 By exploring the differences between coaching, consulting, and mentoring we will define what a coaching mindset is, as well as explore the principles and assumptions of coaching and how it is used to support an individual’s growth and self-awareness.


July 2021

Module 2: Skills and Techniques of Coaching

9:00-11:00AM PDT 

 Pre-work assigned: 7/12/2021

This module focuses on the phases of a coaching conversation, dives deeper into the skills and techniques used when coaching, and explores how questions can evoke discovery, insight, and commitment or action.

*Note: This session is on a Thursday, not a Tuesday.


August 2021

Module 3: Incorporating the Coaching Mindset

9:00-11:00AM PDT 

Pre-work assigned: 7/26/2021

This module explores how the different levels of listening influence our coaching and allow us to be present and flexible while coaching. Further, we will explore how values and beliefs create context for actions and behaviors.


August 2021

Module 4: Gauging Growth

9:00-11:00AM PDT 

Pre-work assigned: 8/09/2021

This module brings into focus how to use the coaching relationship to support goal development and achievement, while tapping into the client’s ideas, suggestions, and desired outcomes. The coach’s role in holding accountability will also be explored.


August 2021

Module 5: Concluding the Coaching Relationship

9:00-11:00AM PDT

Pre-work assigned: 8/23/2021


The closing session brings everything together to conclude your learning journey. This session will provide examples of how to conclude a coaching relationship.


October 2021

Learning Exchange

9:00-11:00AM PDT