JANUARY 04, 2022

2PM-3:30PM PST


Pre-work and Resources

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Strengthening Families’ Protective Factors: Focus on Parental Resilience


Parental Resilience is the ability to manage the stressors of daily life and function well, even when faced with adversity.  Join us as we learn strategies to help families recognize and increase their ability to handle stress, to build their own resilience, and to model it for their children. 


Learners will:

  • Define the characteristics of Resilience and the skills related to building this protective factor       
  • Identify everyday actions that promote Resilience generally, and specifically with children and families who have experienced adversity
  • Participate in activities that demonstrate the ability to recognize and promote Resilience in yourself and others.
  • Make a plan to incorporate this knowledge into your life and work


Who should attend: All staff of family resource center (FRCs), child abuse prevention councils (CAPCs), and other family-serving organizations.

Maureen Durning

Owner/Director, Butterfly Trainings that Transform

Maureen Durning is the Owner/Director of Butterfly Trainings that Transform, LLC, a Strengthening Families™ training and consulting firm in Boise, Idaho. She is the co-author of numerous Strengthening Families curricula, most recently STRONG: Teaching the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factor Framework to Parents and Professionals. Maureen was the Strengthening Families coordinator for Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children. She has trained hundreds of trainers nationally and has presented at numerous national conferences. Maureen’s passions are parenting education, child abuse prevention, and creating trainings that are effective, fun, and powerful.

Jane Zink

Trainer, Butterfly Trainings that Transform

Jane Zink has been working to strengthen families and improve outcomes for children for about 20 years. She helps to build early childhood systems that use the Strengthening Families Protective Factor Framework™ to promote strengths in families and family-serving organizations. Jane has created nationally recognized trainings for professionals and parents and is the co-author of STRONG: Teaching the Strengthening Families Protective Factor Framework to Parents and Professionals. She consults with partners across sectors to help them intentionally implement the framework in their everyday interactions with families.