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Originally presented on

January 12, 2022


Creating a Community-wide, Poverty-informed Approach to Breaking Barriers

One person can make a difference. One organization can alleviate some of the impacts of poverty on children and families, but to end poverty in our communities, we need a community-wide, poverty-informed approach. In this engaging session, Dr. Beegle will share steps to building a community that is responsive to breaking barriers and inclusive of children and families who are impacted by poverty.

Learners will:

  • Understand why some parents and students do not take opportunities and what we can do to motivate and change worldview.
  • Understand how individuals and organizations can work together in ways they never have to break poverty barriers.
  • Gain knowledge of the four biggest roadblocks for moving out of poverty and what we can do to overcome each of these obstacles
  • Gain tools for building their “resource backpacks” and engaging people who have never been involved in the fight against poverty.

Who should attend: All staff of family resource center (FRCs), child abuse prevention councils (CAPCs), and other family-serving organizations.


Donna Beegle, PhD

Communication Across Barriers

Dr. Donna Beegle grew up in generational migrant-labor poverty and is the only family member who has not been incarcerated. She achieved her GED at 26 and – 10 years later – her doctorate. Dr. Beegle brings an insider perspective as well as 30 years of research with children and families living in the crisis of poverty. In her training series, she provides research based tools that improve outcomes for children experiencing the trauma inflicted by poverty. She has worked with organizations and non profits in all 50 states to ensure people and systems have the tools for building responsive, inclusive organizations to break the iron cage of poverty.