Family Resource Center Networks have emerged across the country in cities, counties, and states as an effective means of ensuring coordinated quality support for families.  These Networks connect, organize, and support Family Resource Centers.  Serving as the backbone entity to leverage the collective impact of their members, they create opportunities for service providers to exchange information, develop relationships, build capacity, and address challenges that no one organization could on its own.

Some of these Networks have been started by public or private funders, others by community-based organizations, and some by a combination of these and other stakeholders recognizing the value of coming together.  Funders have an especially key role to play in terms of resourcing and strengthening the capacity of both Family Resource Centers and Network infrastructure.

Whether you are a funder or a community-based organization interested in developing a Network, this webinar will provide information and tools to support your next steps.  The webinar will include a detailed review of two Network development continua developed by the NFSN which can be found in the Developing Networks section of the Family Support Networks page on the NFSN website.